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Best For Android Custom Views Training

Best For Android Custom Views Training

The Android framework provides several default views. The base class a view is the View. Views are responsible for measuring, layouting and drawing themselves and their child elements (in case of a ViewGroup). Views are also responsible for saving their UI state and handling touch events. Developers can also create custom views and use them in their application. Once an activity receives the focus, it must provide the root node of its layout hierarchy to the Android system. Afterwards the Android system starts the drawing procedure. Drawing begins with the root node of the layout. The layout hierarchy is traversed in the order of declaration, i.e., parents are drawn before their children and children are drawn in the order of declaration.

Compound views (also known as Compound Components ) are pre-configured ViewGroups based on existing views with some predefined view interaction. Combound views also allow you to add custom API to update and query the state of the combound view. For such a control you define a layout file and assign it to your compound view. In the implementation of your compound view you predefine the view interaction. You would define a layout file and extend the corresponding ViewGroup class. In this class you inflate the layout file and implement the View connection logic

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