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Best For Android Support Library Learning

Best For Android Support Library Learning

When you develop an app on a latest version of android like 5.x and you also want it to run on those devices which are running older versions of android like 3.2 e.t.c. you can't do that until you add backward compatibility to your code. To provide this backward compatibility android provides you the Android Support Library package. The Android Support Library package is a set of code libraries that provide backward-compatible versions of Android framework APIs as well as features that are only available through the library APIs.

Each Support Library is backward-compatible to a specific Android API level. Including the Support Libraries in your Android project is considered a best practice for application developers, depending on the range of platform versions your app is targeting and the APIs that it uses. The Android Support Library package contains several libraries that can be included in your application. Each of these libraries supports a specific range of Android platform versions and set of features. In order to effectively use the libraries, it is important to consider that which API level you want to target as each library supports different API level.

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