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Best For Android UI Design Training

Best For Android UI Design Training

Android developers use the term layout to mean one of two things. Both definitions apply to this tutorial, and are, unfortunately used interchangeably in the Android development community. A type of resource that defines what is drawn on the screen. Layout resources are stored as XML files in the /res/layout resource directory for the application. A layout resource is simply a template for a user interface screen, or portion of a screen, and contain. A type of View class whose primary purpose is to organize other controls. These layout classes (LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, TableLayout, etc. ) are used to display child controls, such as text controls or buttons or images on the screen. Android user interfaces can be defined as layout resources in XML or created programmatically.

The Android Development Plug-in for Eclipse includes a handy layout resource designer for designing and previewing layout resources. The tool includes two tab views: the Layout view allows you to preview how the controls will appear on various screens and for each orientation and the XML view shows you the XML definition of the resource.

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